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World of mobile pokies

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Online Casino, Pokies |

Now you are possible to play some fantastic pokies on your mobile device.  Everyone can enjoy the comfort of their home or when on the move. Mobile pokies are for all generations! For mobile casino software we can use Adobe Flash and it is compatible with Apple iPhone or iPads. Most of mobile pokies can be played for free. It is not possible to win real money when you playing free games. Some of the games can be played for free. Sometimes you no need to create an account or download any software. When you use mobile pokies you are able to compete with other players and with your friends and even organize tournaments together. The good thing about tournaments is that not only you will be highly entertained but you could earn big prizes. If you like challenges, then gaming over your mobile is the right thing for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How are mobile pokies played?

cc_pokies4u_aud_enEasily, simply and amusingly. There are two types of online machine slots, with 3 and 5 reels. Choosing the option of playing with 3 reels makes it possible to earn money, however the prizes are smaller in comparison to a machine of 5 reels where the amounts are bigger. It is on you to decide which option you prefer. Of course, you can always try both options.

  • Do you have to fund real money?

No, you do not. You have a right to choose whether you want to invest money or play mobile pokies for free. You must have casino account if you want to play for real money. From your casino account you can find all informations for the best methods.

  • What will happen when I lose my WIFI signal or run out of power?

Delete-Wi-Fi-Network-Profiles-W8.1-1Internet connection is very important when you playing for real money. If your mobile device is not connected to WIFI, your game will not be saved and you will not be able to proceed any of the games. If you lose the WIFI signal or that you run out of battery you will not lose any spinning wins, and after the reconnection to the Internet, or charging the battery, you will easily launch the game again. Also, the pokie you were playing when your mobile phone was disconnected will simply stop, and you can continue playing them after your mobile device reconnects.

  • Do the games use much data?

The games are improved for mobile so they don’t use much more data than you would use when you are on the internet on your device.

  • Why play on your mobile?

Playing on your mobile has advantages over playing at traditional gaming venues. Some of these include:

Play it wherever and whenever you want

Lots of bonuses and promotions

Game payout percentages are higher

There are jackpots.

Mobile gaming has build in the last few years with the release of phones including all Smart phones as well as the iPad, Galaxy Tab and Surface Pro tablets.

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The History And Transformation Of Pokies

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Online Casino, Pokies |

Slots were invented in America in late 1800s, the fun fact is that they didn’t change their appearance a lot since then; they kept their actual American spirit from the past times.

Word pokie comes from Australian slang. It appeared there in 60s like a slot machine from poker machine. Instead of card symbols on the screen appeared fruit symbols. era of digitalization and expansion of smart phones, tablets and computers people can play these games in comfort of their own homes. They can choose what game to play, at what time, what to drink or to eat and they don’t have to worry about someone stealing their seat. They have full freedom and time at the disposal. Maybe the biggest advantage is that you can rest whenever you want without experiencing the time pressure and when the time comes you can continue your game with a ”cool head”.

Variety of web sites provide us with big collection of online pokies where there is a game for everyone, different mixture of traditional, modern, American, European, Australian online slots. Perfect for experts like for beginners.

C7-screenshotMany of these sites offer games for beginners, who are inexperienced, and players use them like a practice. These no charge games are often marked as “ Free Play” or “Free” or “Play for fun” there’s no risk of losing money and it’s  only for educational purpose. User usually has to download application or software, open an account, choose a game and start to play.

Over the years online pokies are slowly starting to exchange actual casinos because they can surely give us large amount of games, multiple or single playing environment. These online slots we can divide in two main groups: classic and video that branch out into small categories. The difference between these two is that in classic pokies you have three reels and one pay line and in the video pokies you have five reels and multiple pay lines.

The fun never stops at these games, the reel is always spinning, you will never know what your next spin will bring you, and there are bonus points like online pokies with free spins and actual big jackpots and all this makes them a little addicting and lot more exciting because in the next spin you can become a lot more richer then you hoped for.

In all these web sites you choose to visit you have detailed description of how to play these games, method of payment and cash outs, and by the law it should be available to every player to get to know the rules before starting any kind of a pokie game. But be alert, lot of them are simply there to scam you and get your money, so choose wisely!club777-choosemode

One thing is for sure, online pokies are the games of the future and traditional casinos are slowly dying out, if we don’t count Vegas or South Lake City, they will be there for true hedonist who enjoy good game and for the rest of you, you can always use your computer and spin your next reel.

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Are there new pokies available

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Online Casino, Pokies |

I love pokies. If you are thinking about slang for nipples, then what I said came wrong. I am talking about a game called pokies. Actually, that’s a shorter term for poker machine even though I’m talking about a slot machine or as you may know it, slots. And I play it on my personal computer and on my android. I saw that there is also an iPhone version, but I don’t have iPhone. It’s a pretencious phone for me, but that’s a whole different story. It’s really fun and cool. Anyway, a friend told me that I should try to play and I listened to him. He show me a Game of thrones themed pokie, but he told me that there are all kinds of pokies. I personally like Slotomania and Mermaids millions. There is also possibility to play in online casinos, and you can earn some money as well. I earned once 100 bucks. But what made me wonder is are this is all we can see about this game. Are people creating newer versions of this games. I liked these but maybe someday they will be dull for me. But I was looking online and guess what I saw? According to, last month, Net Entertainment launched a teaser trailer for its upcoming online pokie, Pyramid: Quest for Immortality. The video attracted a great deal of attention, and players were eager to give it a spin. Now, the game has finally been released at online casinos, and it is already becoming a big hit among players.


“With Pyramid: Quest for Immortality, NetEnt will immerse players in the exotic world of Ancient Egypt,” says Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer at Net Entertainment. “With so many exciting ways to win, including NetEnt’s popular Avalanche feature, winners could soon be living like pharaohs.”

pyramid_quest_for_immortality-825x452Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is an online pokie with a classic theme but an innovative format. It does not feature any paylines or specified ways to win. All winning combinations are based on groups of three or more symbols that appear on adjacent paylines. This makes wins occur more frequently and boosts overall winning potential while providing players with more value for their money as they spin the reels. During each spin, symbols fall from the top of the screen as an avalanche. If a winning combination is made, the symbols involved in the win disappear and new symbols fall into their places which can lead to even more wins occurring on a single spin. If three avalanches occur in a row, a 2x multiplier is applied to the next win. This new online pokies games from Net Entertainment also provides players with unique bonus features. Generation Wilds are positions on the reel that can turn wild when a winning symbol lands there. The space turns into a wild symbol for the next avalanche, which boosts players’ chances of hitting subsequent winning combinations. Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is now available at online casinos. Give it a spin to experience the latest innovations from Net Entertainment.

If you didn’t get anything what I was saying, search for this game. For example, go find slotomania, my favourite, and start to play. Play it for free and then try out in some online casino.

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How pokies changed two hours of my life

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Online Casino, Pokies |

UsaPNew20Dollars2004EC07869595AC3H1H2_medEarlier this month, I was in some difficult situation. I needed to go to bus station and I had to wait for a bus for two hours and I need to kill some time. I read newspaper, I walked around but it seemed that the time stoped. I remembered that a friend of mine told me that he plays interesting game and sometimes even earn some money. So earlier that day I got that game and the deposit of 20 dollars. I sat in a caffe near bus station where they have wifi. I ordered beer and I started to play. And after few moments two hours flew bye and I won had 35 dollars on my account. I was pretty pleased because it was time well spent and I scored some money. In the meantime, the bus came and I was on my way home. So when I got home, I wanted to know more about this game. To see how popular is and finally to share my thoughts about it.

312450The game I’v been writing is called pokies. It’s a shorter term for poker machine. You may know it also as a slot machine, fruit machine, puggy, the slots, or simply slot and one-armed bandits. When I googled it, I found out that in 1885 the very first slot machine was created by Charles Fay. The popularity of the machine grew so much that he began a slot machine factory in 1896. I didn’t know that this game is so popular, and that there is a lot of different versions of this game. Probably because this is not an exclusive gambling game. Well, yeah of course slot machines are in every casino, but you may also download pokies for your pc, android, iPhone and tablet. You play it for free and there is no money involvement. There are also different kinds of pokies to play.  Some Viking themed, some flowers themed, but there are also Walking dead themed pokies, which I personally like because I am the fan of the show. And how do you play pokies. It’s really simple.

Virtually speaking, all a player has to do is place a coin into the slot machine and pull the lever. Which can basically be said for real world pokies as well. It doesn’t get much easier than that when it comes to how to play pokies. paypal-pokies-slots-casinos-bet365But I researched some advices from pros and there are the few simple things to follow when it comes to playing pokies are as follows. Pokies have pre-determined limits that you cannot exceed, different pokies have different restrictions on the structure of bets and knowing what exactly will get you a winning combination by taking a look at the pay table. Most pokies, especially newly released ones, all have the same odds of winning, after all pokies are programmed with the house having the advantage. You should only play the pokies in which have the best payouts.

So there are some advices I found and I hope you will use it wisely.

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Advantages of online casino

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Online Casino, Pokies |

Old people are saying always that we spend too much time on are computers and phones. But they don’t understand how virtual world could be fun. Because, let’s face it, the virtual world has made all things accessible to you just with the help of a couple of clicks. This is the primary influencing factor responsible for making everything accessible in the virtual world. The everything mentioned above also includes gambling consoles. The growing popularity of online gaming has given the game providers with a scope to make gambling a lot more accessible to the casino player addicts. For those of you who might think that gambling online is not as much fun as playing the same games by actually stepping inside the casinos, do think again. It is time to look at some of the advantages that playing online casino games have. Who knows, maybe you are depriving yourself of the joys of playing the games on your mobile or in the comfort of your home. We will see that from the benefits listed below.


  1. You can Run a Test Drive on the Games You Wish to Play

The best part about playing online casino games is the fact that you don’t have to play it for money necessary. You can try your hand at a particular game and in case you end up liking it, then obviously you can register yourself and start playing the game on a regular basis with real money. Post playing the game once, it becomes your choice whether you wish to play within the site or experience a live casino encased on your computer.


  1. Your Game History gets Recorded

Android-Games-featured-590x330Whether you are playing the games on your Tablet, or desktop or on your smartphones, the game stats get recorded as and when you play them. All the gaming sites boast of a reliable computerized system that saves all your data while you are playing. That helps a lot. I remember when I played my old PlayStation and I didn’t had memory card for saving. It was a hell.


  1. Access to the Games all the Time

iphone-gamesDo you get bored at your workstation or while travelling from one place to another? You can seek respite from the boredom through the online casino club games. Gone are the days when you would have to step inside a casino or club to quench your casino playing addiction. With casino betting paving its way into our everyday world through the internet, you can play on the go and not just when you are inside a casino.


  1. No expensive drinks and no distraction

the_most_expensive_cocktailCasinos are an extremely glamorous place to be. The glamour quotient is upped by gorgeous looking girls (hostesses) in lovely cocktail dresses and stilettos and men looking dapper in their suits and tuxedos. This glitzy world often serves as a distraction for you and your focus towards the game is affected. In case you are playing the games online, then the distraction is less because it is just you and the gadget where you are playing the games.

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Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in Online Casino, Pokies |

Looking for fantastic fun games that you can bring along with you wherever  you go? Do you find casino games as thrilling as you need them to be? Thanks to the new HTML5, your iPhone can now be your fun provider. Now, it’s possible to play pokies right here, on your iPhone.

instant-play-imageIn the old days, pokies, or the slot machines, were available only in real world places. You needed to pack your bags and go on some holiday, pack your wallet and spin the real reels. Now, thanks to the innovative technological progress, the new operating systems, it is possible to play the real casino games in the virtual world. Whether you’re on the move or just chilling, you can easily access some of the most thrilling games that casinos offer. iPhone pokies may have a smaller collection of games, but those are carefully selected games, some of the very best ones.

680109-geant-casino-drive-marseille-valentineThe first thing about iPhone pokies you should know is that you can play them for free. Those are called demo pokies games and you can use them to see how it’s working for you. Just see how well you can play it on your iPhone. Another thing that’s making these games extremely available for everyone is that you often don’t even need to create an account. You just click and get started. No need to download software, either. Some of the games are available for saving in your iPhone like an app. Those are some very good reasons that give us the right to call iPhone pokies – instant games.

When we talk about easy access, let’s also review other things making iPhone pokies a unique entertainment experience. Designers of these games pay attention to lots of details so it has the real casino feel to it, and much more. Rich graphics, quality of sounds, easy controls and easy navigating through various game options will make you feel like you’re in control. Thousands of sites offer vast collections of various pokies. You’ll also find instructions, offers, promotions and some extra bonuses.

casino-virtualSo everything is designed to suit very well for playing online on your iPhone. What about the prizes? Is it all for free? Of course not. Where would all the fun be at? Just for a start you are offered demo pokies for free. But when you’ve explored a little bit  the game you’ve chosen, you can now place some real bets. At the end, it’s all these games truly are about. So, spin those reels and hope for the big jackpots. One thing to remember, though: you can only win the big prizes in progressive slot games and you must bet the maximum amount. Only that way you’re going to be qualified for the extra zeroes jackpots. Funny fact is that the more people all around the world plays, the more jackpots increases. And it’s the real money that you can both win, and let’s face it, lose.

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